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What is the relationship between the wall thickness of the aluminum scaffolding and the product quality?

Nov 18, 2019

Strictly speaking, there is no big relationship between the two. Because the aluminum alloy profile itself is a high-strength material, the aluminum alloy scaffold pursues the overall structural design. The frame structure and manufacturing process of the product are important factors in determining quality, load and safety, and are also technical difficulties.

The original design and use of aluminum scaffolding is based on the premise of meeting the load and safety, the lighter the better, which is one of the key indicators that best reflect the technical capabilities of the manufacturer.

For example, there are many 2.0mm pipe wall thickness products on the market, but the load capacity is 30% less than the 1.6mm wall thickness of the Instron aluminum scaffolding products. It is cumbersome and has low carrying capacity. This is like a comparison of the car engine displacement 2.0 and 1.8T. The large displacement does not mean that the power is large.