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what is Aluminum single width scaffolding tower

Mar 07, 2018

Aluminum single width scaffolding tower is easy to set up and move. The weight of aluminum single leg scaffolding tower is relatively light.These aluminum single-leg scaffolding towers are flat, and they are particularly easy to store.Aluminum single leg scaffold tower can provide a wide range of stable and comfortable working platform.

The aluminum single width scaffolding tower means that the jacks and movements of the MS heavy vehicle do not have to be removed every time.It's easier to move from one place to another when it's lighter in weight and actually used.Locking some precautions, such as the working hours of the wheels on these mobile scaffolding towers, is a necessary precaution.

Aluminum single width scaffolding tower is light weight, they are seen as strong and strong steel tubular scaffold tower.Be able to work long enough with the rack to work safely at a certain height.In addition, even if it is easy to use aluminum single leg scaffold tower, we must also know the basic knowledge of scaffolding tower.And when you actually use it, notice how you can assemble, use, and dismantle the towers in a safe and reliable way.

When the above is done, if we are still looking for a perfect medium, and should achieve the performance of safety, is also relatively easy to choose aluminum single width scaffolding tower at the level of one foot.This is easy to use, but also durable.

The main components of the aluminum single width scaffolding tower, including the vertical H frame size of the base frame (including) : 2000x1400mm;Brace for 2300 mm;Side support 2000mm;There are also heavy wheel double ball bearings and built-in self-locking system;The stabilizer should be at 4000 and 1000 mm;The size of this heavy platform should be kept at 2000x600mm.Such equipment can meet the requirements of the subscriber on price.