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What does SPAN400 and SPAN500 mean?

Nov 22, 2019

The meaning of SPAN in English is “span, spacing, line spacing”. The meaning of SPAN400 and SPAN500 means that the spacing of aluminum alloy scaffolding crosspieces (placement work pedals or working platforms) is 414mm and 500mm.

There are two meanings:

1. It can be understood that the working platform height can be adjusted every 0.4 meters or 0.5 meters, with adjustable retreat, aluminum alloy scaffolding can achieve any height adjustable.

2. From a safety point of view, the spacing of more than 0.5 meters is already a large vacancy, which is a safety hazard for the operator. Therefore, for aluminum scaffolding, SPAN500 is already the largest pitch model.

The most popular market in the market is the Instron SPAN400 model, because it has the right spacing and does not require a separate ladder and has the fewest accessories. It is easy to use, transport and store. For the SPAN500 model, a ladder is required. The in-line ladder is the short part of the entire frame. The product is easily damaged, resulting in reduced durability and service life. The Instron SPAN400 series has a warranty period of 10 years.