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What are the standards for high quality aluminum trusses?

Aug 05, 2019

Aluminum trusses have gradually replaced traditional iron trusses and become an indispensable part of the performance stage construction project. And the outstanding advantages of aluminum alloy truss make it have great influence and competitiveness in the market, and become the most suitable choice for customers. So do you know what standards are available for high-quality aluminum alloy trusses?


First, the details of the welding are accurate


The good reputation of the aluminum alloy truss has the most reassuring welding quality, and the quality of the welding is also the most concerned detail in the process of consumers choosing products. The high-quality aluminum truss accurately handles the welding details, ensuring that the size of the solder joints remains fine and smooth, thus preventing the occurrence of solder joints and screw holes that cannot be paired with the accessories.


Second, the color is bright and beautiful


After the industry's first-class aluminum alloy truss has been treated with tannic acid, the surface will be very bright silver. After the advanced tannic acid treatment process and the aluminum alloy truss produced with the highest quality processing materials, the advantages in appearance are far greater than the trusses of other materials, effectively preventing the appearance of dull matte soil gray, and can achieve Beautiful and elegant stage visual effects.


Third, it has strong resistance to pressure and high strength.


The high-quality aluminum alloy truss has an impressive pressure resistance and strength, and its professional design in the production process has contributed to the great improvement of the steel frame structure design of the truss. And the aluminum truss with high pressure resistance can ensure the safe completion of the stage construction work, and the high-quality construction also makes the stage effect the most.