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What are the precautions when install aluminum mobile tower

Apr 19, 2017

                 What are the precautions when install aluminum mobile tower

 Safety precautions: 

(1) Please make sure that there are at least 2 technical personnel to assemble the aluminum mobile tower and make sure they use the correct installation method. 

(2) Please check whether the maximum load of the ground can bear the capacity of the tower or not. 

(3) Please ensure that all parts are qualified before installing the tower and use level instrument to test if the tower is vertical after finish installing.

Aluminum Mobile Tower 3.jpg

(4) The maximum load capacity of the plank is 272 kg. The maximum capacity of each working platform is 200 kilograms per square meter. The maximum horizontal lateral force is 300N platform. 

(5) The pedal which is increased in the height of the platform can’t be used before finishing installing aluminum frame,when erect or dismantle tower any temporary pedal should be seen as a working platform with a 0.5m or 1m high guardrail. 

(6) The sequence of installation should contrary to the sequence of dismantling.

(7) When assemble the tower alone, the maximum outdoor working platform height should not exceed 8 meters, the highest indoor working height should not exceed 12 meters.If exceed,please consult the professional personnel.

(8) Please lock the castor, only unlock when using the mobile tower. 

(9) Please ensure that there are no obstacles and take care of the wind condition when installing and moving the tower.

(10) When using the tower,there should have protection, such as toe board, fences etc. 

(11) When using the tower in outdoor,please move into the tower into shelter or fixed (such as anchor) to prevent dumping if the wind speed exceeds level 6.

Aluminum Mobile Tower 2.jpg

(12) Don’t bind yourself to the side of the fence. 

(13) Don’t jump on the platform.

(14) Don’t generate horizontal tension,For example,when you are near the top of the tower building work, horizontal force will cause dumping. 

(15) Please pay attention to the effect of the wind when using the tower.

(16) Please check the verticality of the tower and safety which may effect by the environment before using the tower, revise and improve (make the whole tower balanced vertical by adjusting casters). 

(17) Please pay attention to the effect of power factor of the surrounding environment, such as high pressure etc. 

18) Please contact the supplier or consult experts when assemble the special tower.

(19) Don’t put the lifting equipment on the tower.

(20) Please climb from the inside, don;t climb from outside. 

(21) Please do not use plank to connect the tower and the building, the tower can’t be used to climb  other buildings. 

(22) Please don’t equip the ladder, boxes or other equipment as lift platform; tools and materials can only be used in hand, but not from the ground to the tower,should consider the weight influence of the tower.

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