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What are the points of use of the ladder?

May 22, 2017

1.If tired, taking medication, drinking or having physical disabilities, the use of ladder is prohibited.

2.The ladder should be placed on a sturdy and stable floor, forbidden to be placed on ice, snow or slippery surfaces without skid and fixed equipment

3.Do not exceed the specified maximum load.

Aluminum House Hold Ladder 1.jpg

4.It is forbidden to use ladder in strong winds.

5.Metal ladder is conductive, to avoid close to the electrified place.

6.When climbing,we should face the ladder,grasping tightly, the body center of gravity to stay in the middle of the two ladder stand.

7.Do not stand on the ladder from the top of the ladder 1 meter range of ladder, always keep 1 m of the height for the security, not to climb the top of the highest support point.

8.Do not exceed the head of the hands when working,to avoid the body out of balance.

Alumimum House Hold Ladder 2.jpg

                                                     HouseHold  Ladder

9.It is forbidden to climb directly from one side of the ladder to the other

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