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What are the performance characteristics of aluminum square spigot truss?

Feb 15, 2019

The aluminum square spigot truss itself has good tensile strength and pressure, and is widely used in bridges, transmission line towers and crane frames. As far as the choice of materials is concerned, it is generally required to have a very good choice when selecting aluminum truss trusses. Good precision welding, baking process, standard processing and so on, so that when building and using, it can effectively reduce the construction cost, and can effectively reduce the self-weight and increase the rigidity.
From the perspective of the whole aluminum square socket truss construction process, the function of the material can be effectively utilized, the material can be saved, the weight of the structure can be effectively reduced, the product can be reused, and the appearance is more beautiful, which is a cost-effective process in the current stage construction process. One.
Aluminum square spigot truss is the most basic selection standard in the production of materials. Different materials produce trusses with different strengths. When the materials are used adequately, they can be fixed and strong. For safety, choose high quality. The product is very necessary. Secondly, in design, the entire design of the product must conform to the mechanics principle, and everything from the actual situation to meet the needs of users can be trusted.