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What are the main applications of the Rey frame when it is built on the stage

Aug 08, 2019

No. 1: Stage construction

First of all, the most common use of the Reyes is for the construction of the stage, especially for large events or performances. The stage built by using the Rey is more stable and does not show any shaking and Unstable, it is as smooth as the use on the ground, so when it comes to stage construction, everyone will think of a good quality rey.

2nd: Light frame construction

The stage construction requires the assistance of various lighting effects. The stability of the lighting frame can ensure the continuous supply of lighting effects. Therefore, the lighting frames are also built using the Rey. The rey frame is mainly used to fix the crossbars by rivets, so the stability is good and there is no phenomenon that the falling off will be unstable, so it is very suitable for use as a lighting stand.

No. 3: Background frame construction

The back frame of the stage is also used for the construction of the Raya frame. In addition to the special deformation and impact resistance of the material, the combined background frame will be more stable and will not be affected by any other weather or human factors. And because of the ease of installation and disassembly, users are willing to choose. In addition, it can be freely built according to different field shapes, without any shape limitation, such as triangles or trapezoids and polygons.