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What are the main applications of aluminum truss?

Apr 27, 2017

What are the main applications of aluminum truss?

The scope of application of Aluminum truss is very wide, and the safety performance is also very good, convenient disassembly, maintenance is simple, these characteristics make it have a lot of applications in various industries. 

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Aluminum truss structure from the distinction, divided into: Aluminum Alloy screw truss, Aluminum Alloy insert truss in China. Currently has Aluminum Alloy truss performance enterprises, leasing companies generally buy is Aluminum Alloy screw truss. Screw truss and truss easily. They have advantages and disadvantages, although the frame screw installation and disassembly is troublesome, but stability is very good, not easy deformation, high safety performance, strong bearing ability, suitable for large-scale performances. The insert truss has good appearance, simple installation, convenient. But its production cost is high, so in the lease the price is higher.

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