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What are the characteristics of the aluminum trusses that attract us?

Aug 07, 2017

Aluminum truss by virtue of its unique advantages has become a variety of stage structures in the necessary materials, which are all with the aluminum truss material, but also other material truss can not be comparable with the reason. What are the characteristics of aluminum trusses that attract us?
Compared with other materials, the quality of aluminum truss is relatively light, which is bound to the truss of the transport, handling and installation of a great convenience. It is not like the traditional iron truss, so the heavier weight to the work to bring a lot of inconvenience, so that the application of aluminum truss can save costs and energy.
For the outdoor stage, the more worrying problem is that the truss is adversely affected by environmental factors, and its quality and service life, such as the previous iron truss will rust in a humid environment. But the aluminum truss is different, because the chemical properties of aluminum is relatively stable, strong corrosion resistance, so do not need this worry.

Aluminum Spigot Truss 2.jpg

                                                       Aluminum Spigot Truss
When the aluminum trusses and outdoor environments, even if there is direct sunlight and rain and snow invasion, it will not affect its quality. Test proved that the use of high-quality aluminum alloy made of aluminum truss, its service life of up to ten years.
Since the main structure as the stage, it will inevitably be arranged in the above lights, sound and other performance equipment, these devices themselves are a certain weight. So that for the lack of tolerance of the truss, may be unable to bear these heavy objects and have a security risk.
The aluminum truss does not need to worry about this point, it is through the upper and lower chords and the reasonable arrangement of the abdomen, horizontal pull, pressure internal force to achieve their own balance, its tolerance to fully meet the needs of the show. Coupled with aluminum truss specifications complete, the cost is reasonable, so it will be more and more popular.

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