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What are the benefits of Aluminum lighting truss and stage?

Dec 30, 2017

Aluminum lighting truss and stage is used exclusively for the show or activity, compared to the previous truss and stage, not only safe and reliable, simple installation, and the use of flexible, can be set up in various situation, easy tear open outfit, saving a lot of time and energy.
The size of Portable aluminum stage is 1.22 * 2.44 m, adjust the height of 0.4-0.6 meters between, only need through out the inside of the leg of the height adjustment for the telescopic rod can be achieved and meet the actual needs of different performances.
Aluminum Movable Stage Platforms are used without any tools that can be used to unfold and fold when not in use.Because it can be folded for transportation storage, so welcome by the masses of users, it when not in use can be folded into flake, without any tools, dismantling, originally one meter long truss after folding size around 1000 * 450 * 25 mm, very economic space.
Adjustable Mobile Portable Stage must match the coach used to give, the truss have springs at both ends of a truss head bolt, screw directly to the lag of four holes, at both ends of a truss twist in the head, so that the truss can very solid, fixed and can be used to build the gallery or setting wall of the shape.
If set up the booth span is large, so need to be more root aluminium alloy lighting truss and stage set up, don't lag between such truss and truss, with dedicated to wire connection.That is to say, only around the corner is the square head, other places can use the wire to connect.