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What are the advantages of the wheeled event stage?

Apr 22, 2019

The wheeled event stage was originally designed for the stage of hotel performances, and now some malls, salons, bars, and small performing arts events have begun to use this stage. The wheeled stage is the only stage in the current market that can be moved, while some traditional stage can only be disassembled or folded and cannot be moved. When you think about performing a performance, there are many cases in which you are a 28-year-old person. It is a cruel thing to let them disassemble which stupid stage, and the wheeled stage can be pushed directly, without any effort. . The conventional scale of the wheeled event stage is 1.22*2.44 meters, and the conditioning height is between 0.4 meters and 0.6 meters. Conditioning is done by pulling the elastic rod inside the leg. The wheeled event stage does not require anything when in use, it opens when it is used, and it folds when not in use. The wheels on the wheeled event stages have brakes on the wheels. When not in use, they are placed in the warehouse. They can step on the brakes and move the stage. When using, the wheels are lifted off the ground and will not move, as long as the four legs on the four sides touch the ground. There is a pin for connection between the stage and the stage, which can lock the stage that is next to it, and there is no gap between the stage and the stage.