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Weighing range and safety measures for portable outdoor stage truss

Oct 26, 2018

The load-bearing capacity of portable outdoor stage trusses needs to be within a reasonable range. Each truss of each specification has a corresponding bearing capacity range, which will be affected by the span and materials to a certain extent. Try not to save too much money in this aspect, directly related Safety issues to the entire stage truss system.

In the process of selecting the portable outdoor stage truss, it is necessary to select a more regular stage truss manufacturer to produce the documents, including the recommended plan and load-bearing. Do not arbitrarily change, obey, change the construction method, special weather, strong wind and heavy rain, stage trusses usually hang on the background printing, etc. to increase the lateral force of the display rack, easy to collapse.

Portable outdoor stage trusses try to avoid typhoon weather when using them, and add safety measures such as adding diagonal braces, cables, and reducing lateral winds. If safety cannot be added, activities can be stopped and trusses can be minimized. To reduce the risk of accidents. General aluminum alloy stage trusses are basically used in weddings, advertisements, concerts, etc.: but every strict production system and assured product quality is undoubtedly a potential hazard for users.