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We should consider from these three aspects when buying the aluminum stage.

Dec 15, 2017

Aluminum stage is a reasonable performance which has neat appearance and reasonable structure design.Together with the professional assembly to make a more stable and beautiful stage appearance which provides a good platform environment for various performances.

Totally,We should consider from below three aspects when buying the aluminum stage:

First is the appearance of aluminum stage.
The aluminum stage is not only reliable, but also economical. in the current process of production, the main material is aluminium alloy which has better quality from appearance looks more smooth and beautiful because of light weight and strong rigidity. The truss of both horizontal and vertical directions are parallel and will not be curved or trapezoidal. So in the selection of the first appearance,First guarantee the horizontal vertical, Second guarantee that there is no fracture sag, Third guarantee the smooth finish is high and no stain.

Second is the joint quality of aluminum stage.
When shopping, besides paying attention to the appearance quality, the quality of cohesion should also be considered.The aluminum stage is made up of a large number of components, so its cohesion will greatly affect its overall performance.In this link, the main considerations are: the smoothness of the connection, the fastness of the cohesion, and the closeness .Ensure that no shaking growth occurs after the cohesion.

The third aspect is the loading capacity of aluminum stage.
In actual application, the aluminum stage may need to put more goods, not only include the various professional equipment, but also a lot of cast members. Therefore, when choosing a stage, you should also pay attention to the loading capacity of the stage and choose the big loading capacity.