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Types and Effects of Aluminum Stage Trusses

Sep 27, 2017


Whether it is from the structure or the way to install the classification, then the aluminum stage truss can be divided into two, namely: screw and push-type. In the literal sense, the so-called screw-type trusses, in fact, represent the use of screws to connect, so when the installation is relatively complex, but its stability and stability are higher.

In contrast, although the latter when the installation is relatively simple, and looks more beautiful appearance, but its cost is higher than the screw. In order to meet the needs of a variety of different stage structures, so now the aluminum stage trusses include different sizes, can be selected by the user. In general, the product has the advantages of light weight and strongness.

In addition, it also has a strong bearing capacity, in the actual use of the time is also more flexible, so most of the time, the aluminum stage truss can not only be used alone, but also with other products to form a large-scale mobile activities. If it is used alone, then it can also carry lighting, sound and other equipment.

Aluminum Wooden Stage 2.jpg

Aluminum Wooden Stage
In fact, in the stage performance, the aluminum stage truss can fully demonstrate its actual effect. And for the stage performance, the design and operation of the product is also slowly from the purely technical work into a combination of technology and art work.

Of course, after a period of development, the aluminum stage truss is also in the process of continuous progress and growth. Even the same aluminum stage trusses are still able to meet the needs of different subjects of the stage. And we can use it to build a different stage effect. For this reason, it is popular in many applications.

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