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Types and diversified development of outdoor events aluminum stage truss

Dec 05, 2018

Outdoor activity aluminum stage trusses are usually composed of one or more platforms. The main part of the outdoor activity stage is mostly extended into the audience, or lower than the audience, or higher than the audience, for the audience to watch from three sides. The design of the aluminum stage truss for outdoor activities is based on the design of the "stage".


More specifically, the design of outdoor event aluminum stage trusses needs to be combined with on-site stage equipment, lighting, curtains, sounds, performance props, suspension and replacement bracket systems, costumes, and makeup. At the same time, the stage truss design also has the characteristics of the time dimension of the plot.


With the continuous development of the market, outdoor event aluminum stage truss products are increasingly diversified. For manufacturers, the search for diversified development has also become a route that many manufacturers are trying. On the road of diversification, it is a major test for enterprises. Therefore, enterprises need to strengthen management. At the same time, manufacturers need to fully integrate various resources, make full use of resource capabilities, and give full play to the capabilities of enterprises to further enhance the overall quality of products.