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Truss types and uses

May 08, 2018

Truss Product Category


1. According to the material


  1. Steel Truss: Perfect combination of thick and thin tubes, triangles and quadrilaterals, large rigidity, large spans, and grand shapes


   2. Aluminum alloy truss: lightweight, flexible, safe and reliable, can be freely combined, easy disassembly, can be divided into three-tube truss, four-tube truss and other specifications


2. Differentiate by shape


   1. Fixed truss: A sturdy one in the truss, with high reusability. The only drawback is the high transportation cost. The product is divided into square tube and round tube. This type of truss is a product that has a high market share and is also a product of Senke Hot Products.


   2. Folding truss: The big advantage is low transportation costs and less reusability. The product is divided into square tube and round tube.


   3, butterfly truss: truss in an artistic, beautiful shape, but similar to folding truss, truss damage rate is higher


Truss use


Widely used in the company's annual meeting, opening ceremony, new product promotion, exhibition, image promotion, truss structure, standard booth construction, film and television conference, work conference, background wall structure, technical exchange, wedding celebration, awards ceremony , receptions, receptions, associations, training conferences, project signing ceremony, regional distribution conventions, large-scale celebrations, image promotions, forums, celebrations, government meetings, opening ceremony, unveiling, ribbon cutting ceremony, fairs, signings Meetings, promotions and so on.