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Trade show truss systems process requirements and construction steps

Nov 21, 2018

The trade show truss systems uses high-quality aluminum alloy profiles, and the common connection method for truss construction is screw connection. The shape has a straight frame and a curved frame shaped frame. The shelf structure includes a square frame tripod single row frame. And the use of four-sided welding is more secure and safe than the two-sided welding on the market.


For the high technical level of the product, the surface of the trade display truss system is polished and wiped to clean the surface of the truss and cleaned with professional syrup and packaged. In the process of construction, generally, the base to be used is fixed on the base in the approximate position on the ground; the square cover is set on the reverse head; the beams are connected on the ground to make the two ends of the beam The two square sleeves on both sides are butted together, and the beam portion is assembled on the ground.


Then connect the top part of the trade show truss system, connect the column truss flat and then screw one end to the other end and screw the cross arm while linking the hanging hoist and cross arm. The role of the gourd is to raise the beam truss below. Be careful to use the crane equipment or multiple people to make the column truss stand up slowly. Be careful not to push the column too much and then fix the head. Fix the lighting and sound equipment on the beam. Each person is responsible for one column and hangs together. The hoist stops at the predetermined height and the diagonal support is installed.