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The unique charm of the concert stage truss

Dec 06, 2018

In the current society, stage truss is a kind of activity equipment that we often use. The stage truss is easy to use and flexible. Users can arrange a theme according to the scene and can disassemble and build it anytime and anywhere. In fact, the concert stage truss is very common.


There is a great demand for stage trusses in the market, and the concert stage truss also shows its own unique charm in the application. Nowadays, there are many kinds of stage trusses and various styles. The needs of each industry are different. The trusses are divided into large categories and can be divided into square tube trusses and round tube trusses. First of all, the round pipe truss is made of round pipe material, while the square pipe truss is protective material.


These two trusses have a great effect on our lives. The selected materials and structural design of the concert stage truss can show the unique charm of the stage truss. Of course, in practical applications, this kind of truss not only requires the construction of the stage, the hanging background cloth and the audio and video lighting, but the most important thing is to ensure its robustness.