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The Type of Truss

Jun 09, 2017

      JIANGSU RAPID ALUMINUM CO.,LTD. Classify aluminum truss for for your reference.

     1 Triangle truss

      In the triangular trusses, the axial force of the upper and lower chords is the largest at the end point and decreases gradually to the span, while the axial force of the web is opposite. Triangle truss due to chord internal force difference is large, the material consumption is not reasonable enough, mostly used in tile roof roof.

      2 Ladder trusses

      Ladder trusses and triangular trusses, the force of the bars is improved and the process requirements for certain industrial plants can be more easily used in the roof trusses. If the upper and lower chords of the trapezoidal trusses are parallel to the string trusses, the force of the bars is slightly worse than that of the trapezes, but the type of the webs is greatly reduced and used in bridges and bridges.

Aluminum Spigot Truss 5.jpg


                            Aluminum  Truss

  3 Polygonal trusses

      Polygonal trusses are also called foldable trusses. The chord node is located on the secondary parabola, and the arches are raised to reduce the bending moment produced by the internode load, but the manufacturing is more complicated. Under the action of uniform load, the shape of the truss is similar to that of the simply supported beam, so that the upper and lower chord axis force distribution is uniform, the abutment shaft is smaller and the material is the most expensive, which is a kind of truss form commonly used in engineering.

      4 Fasting truss

      The fasting trusses take the shape of the polygonal trusses without the oblique webs, and are connected only by the vertical webs and the upper and lower chords. The axial force distribution of the bar is similar to that of the polygonal truss, but the bending moment of the rod end changes greatly under the action of asymmetric load. The advantage is that the joints in the node will be less, easy to manufacture.

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