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The Trend of Lighting Truss Development

Jan 07, 2019

Stage in our country become one of the essential product of light, and with the continuous development of the light plane to use, light aircraft industry in our country has gained wider development, first-class lighting frame gradually adjust their production technology became the leader of the industry, the development of the light plane in the future will also present the for the remarkable change, introduce below small make up for all the future trend of the development and changes of light frame?

The future development that lighting truss wears changes trend
1. Implement changes that are easier to embrace
The lighting truss that sells on the market now is a kind of large product, this kind of product satisfied the requirement of large stage construction in use, but this kind of product is in after using, accept that to have certain difficulty, in future ceaseless development, this industry can use the material that can receive gradually to undertake lighting truss wearing build.
First-class lighting rack manufacturers will achieve folding finished products, after the completion of construction and use, only through the simple folding can reduce the size of convenient transportation.

2. Design more unique styles and types
Now light aircraft in use only play the role of the building lighting effects, and in the future, the development of light aircraft will take to establish the important role of scenes, so in order to ensure unity of the stage effect, light on the future development of also can design more style, to meet the stage effect of different style, it is also the light one of the inevitable trend for the development of building industry in the future.

3. Gradually reduce the weight of the product
Now light through some material and screws and so on carries on the simple assembly can complete, and in the future development of the light plane will gradually use lighter hardness larger material quality to meet the investment, the purpose of saving so gradually reduce the weight of the product will also be a light one of the main trends of future development, it is also in order to achieve a better stage effect is the inevitable choice of human resource investment and saving more.

This is the lights of the small make up to introduce the frame for the future development trend, and after a good light aircraft will gradually according to consumer feedback to adjust the development strategy, so as to produce more high-quality products to bring more different experience for stage, to help get the better effect different stage construction in China.