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The stability and design requirements of aluminum double - slot trusses

Oct 19, 2017

The aluminum double-slot trusses are very good in strength during their use and are not subject to breakage or plastic deformation during use. The aluminum double-slot trusses are not too large due to their sufficient rigidity Elastic deformation.
Aluminum double-slot trusses have very good stability, so the use of the process does not occur because of its balanced form of a sudden change in the case of the collapse of the situation, the entire product has good dynamic characteristics, when used With earthquake and wind resistance.
Aluminum double-slot trusses in the design process required to meet the requirements of the bar need to have its good connector, which effectively includes the rivets, pins and weld connections, which involves the type of truss, bar The size and material, but first is the static analysis.

Aluminum Spigot Truss 1.jpg

Fixed truss: the most robust one of the trusses, the reusability is high, the only drawback is the higher transportation costs. Products are divided into square tube and tube two. Folding trusses: the biggest advantage is the low cost of transportation, less reusability. Products are divided into square tube and tube two butterfly truss: truss in the most artistic one, strange shape, beautiful. The ball truss: also called the ball frame, beautiful shape, good rugged, but also the highest cost of a truss.
The aluminum double-trough truss is mainly made of straight rods with a triangular element of planar or spatial structure, and then under the action of the load, the truss bar is mainly subjected to axial tension or pressure, so that the material can be fully utilized Strength, when the span is larger than the real beam to save material.

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