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The special materials, technology and advantages of aluminum spigot truss

Mar 17, 2018

Aluminum spigot truss is connected by a bar with a hinge in both sides structure, generally with triangular elements of plane or space structure, it mainly in the process of using axial tension or under pressure. It is precisely because of this that the aluminum bolt truss needs to make full use of the strength of the material, which can save the material and reduce the self-weight and increase the stiffness when the span is larger than the real girder.

The aluminum spigot truss adopts the fast spigot connection way which can make materials and labor to a minimum when used for manufacturing and installation under the premise of satisfying the demand. Therefore, the products not only have the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, high precision, easy deformation, rapid installation, etc., and the structure is novel and beautiful, with good overall performance.

Relying on the superior properties of aluminum spigot truss has been widely applied in the big shopping mall, hotel and commercial conferences, celebrations, business exhibition, performance, and all indoor hanging demand, but also can obtain better than the general products use effect

Because the aluminum spigot truss is welded on all sides, it is stronger and safer than the two sides in the market. With the application of high strength aluminum alloy, the stability of truss is further guaranteed. The surface of the aluminum spigot truss is still polished and has a good appearance

Anyhow, aluminum spigot truss is light and delicate, sturdy and durable, and can be sprayed black, red, green, brown variety of color, can be set into arbitrary length and shape, has become a lot of performance, one of the indispensable structures, materials, etc.