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The solidity and comfort of the outdoor aluminum mobile stage

Jan 24, 2019

The stability of the outdoor aluminum mobile stage is very important. The dance floor glue is a kind of soft PVC floor rubber board, which has certain self-weight performance when used, so that the product can be guaranteed to a certain extent during the movement. Stable and firm, effective for automatic reinforcement.

The solidity of the outdoor aluminum mobile stage

Dance floor glue is a kind of soft PVC. It is professionally formulated according to the characteristics of dance. It has a certain buffering effect, and it is not sloppy, non-slip, and has good flexibility.

outdoor aluminum mobile stage comfort

The surface of the dance rubber is specially treated to match the brightness of the light. It does not absorb light and glare, which can better protect the dancers from fatigue during the exercise. The thickness is divided into 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm. Different thicknesses have different buffering rebound values, making them more shock-absorbing and rebounding. It effectively reduces the dancer's leg impact, makes the foot feel more comfortable, better avoids sports injuries, and improves the dancer's level.