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The Size of Truss

Jun 09, 2017

The current truss has been widely applied to the major shopping malls exhibition hall, celebration activities or business tour and apply to the show; also applies to the exhibition stage background board to build production, then many people do not understand the truss what size? "How much size do we have to rent a truss or how many dimensions to rent a truss?"

Aluminum Spigot Truss 1.jpg

                                                              Aluminum Truss

First: the characteristics of truss: truss has a convenient assembly and disassembly, random combination of economic and durable investment once re-use; modeling magnificent atmosphere, visual impact, exhibition special equipment, the company's product promotion ideal.

Second: truss size: commonly used length: 40cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 140cm, 160cm, 180cm, fixed section specifications 20CMX20CM.

Third: truss Uses: booth special equipment, lighting planes, promotional activities, background board, stage performances, exhibition structures preferred products.

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