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The safety of the square aluminum DJ truss should be considered

Sep 28, 2017


On the whole, in the process of building a square aluminum DJ truss, we must first ensure its safety. Then, first of all, the required choice of the situation is smooth enough, strong enough. Second, in the process of building, be sure to ensure that the stage structure can be consistent with the mechanics of the principle, and to ensure uniform force, so as to avoid the process of security problems.

Moreover, in the process of building, we must ensure that the square aluminum DJ truss of the various parts of the firmness of the connection, as far as possible to eliminate security risks. Further, if necessary using hanging decorative lights, then it should lead from behind the stage, or to the air by way of a lead frame line, not through the auditorium. It should be noted that, in the time of construction, should also be reserved for a good space and the location of the channel in order to facilitate the order to ensure the orderly evacuation.


Aluminum concial DJ lighting Square Project Truss

From the practical point of view of the application, in fact, because it is a square aluminum DJ truss has many advantages, so its wide range of applications. This is not only because of its security is very good, easy to disassemble, but also because in the use of its installation and maintenance are relatively simple.

Need to remind friends that, before the build, be sure to determine the appropriate location. In other words, before the construction, should be clear square aluminum DJ truss use of the site and environmental conditions. Such as the size of the venue, the height required by the stage, and the specific criteria of the stage. Select the appropriate truss according to these conditions.

Finally, we must also take into account the bearing capacity of the square aluminum DJ truss, which is the primary criterion for ensuring safety. You should also choose to facilitate the installation and removal of the square aluminum DJ truss, which can save time, so that the stage performance more successful.

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