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The requirements of outdoor fashion show size and lighting system

Nov 04, 2017

[over view]Outdoor fashion show, is used for the stage when making shows outdoor, thus, by stage and models moving, to show the fashion under the light and sound, to get good display effect.

1. The requirement of the height and width of outdoor fashion show stage.

Truely,there has no relevant requirement on the height and width of outdoor fashion show stage, generally determined by the actual environment.The width on the stage, is usually 3 meters.In addition, the length of the stage, is obviously 25 meters.Also, we usually connect the certain specifications of the active plate joining together to form a whole.

2. which devices are used on outdoor fashion show stage?In addition, the lighting system,if it’s important or not?

Outdoor show stage, the equipment which is mainly used includes a wireless microphone, headphones, vertical microphone, mixer, power amplifier and speakers such as these, are indispensable.Also,we usually put 2 sounds on front and 2 playback sounds.


Outdoor show stage lighting system is generally used for the runway lights, to satisfy the catwalk shows.And, it can be divided into three, one is the light from models from side light with 45 degrees, another whten model walked back to the stage in front of the light, but also for 45 degrees.Last one, it is the stage surface light, 45 degrees to ensure stage to spread light overall.


3. Does the outdoor fashion show stage need a carpet?

Outdoor fashion show stage doen not need carpet, because there is no need to use.And, if put carpet,model with high heels may scraper carpet, and thereby, increases the risk of falling.If must need carpet,please fix the carpet to avoid above problems.