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The performance characteristics of aluminum triangle truss

Jan 10, 2018

The truss is made up of straight rod with triangular elements of plane or space structure, the truss rods mainly bear axial tension stress, and therefore can make full use of the strength of the material.Especially in some larger occasions, the application of this product can obviously save material consumption.
Also, it can obviously reduce the self-weight of aluminum triangle truss but maintain enough stiffness to meet the requirement of use.Furthermore, this product is a support beam structure which is connected by welding, riveting or bolt.Its main advantage is that it takes most of the tension and pressure from the bar, so that the product's performance can be fully used.

aluminum triangle truss.jpg

In addition to the obvious advantages in structure, the material of aluminum triangle truss - the aluminum alloy itself is lighter, thus reducing the overall weight.In this way, it is convenient for both transportation and installation.This is one of the important reasons for its application.
The overall advantages of the aluminum triangle truss can be analyzed from several aspects: for example, from the mechanical point of view, due to its structural characteristics, it also makes its material saving.From the analysis of materials and manufacturing, the design of the triangle can greatly improve the stability of the aluminum triangle truss, thus extending the service life.