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The origin of the ringlock scaffolding system

Jan 06, 2020

The layer scaffolding originated in Germany and is a mainstream product in Europe and the Americas. The support frame is divided into a vertical bar, a cross bar, and an inclined bar. Dedicated for inclined rods. The connection method of the horizontal bar and the inclined bar is a pin type, which can ensure that the bar is firmly connected with the vertical bar. The cross bar and oblique bar joints are specially manufactured according to the arc of the pipe. They are in full contact with the steel pipe of the vertical bar. After tapping the bolts, they are stressed at three points (the upper and lower points of the joint and the bolts point to the disc). Increase the structural strength and transmit horizontal force. The crosshead and the steel pipe body are fixed by full welding, and the power transmission is correct. The inclined head is a rotatable joint, and the inclined head is fixed to the steel pipe body with a rivet. As for the connection method of the vertical rod, a square tube connecting rod is the main method, and the connecting rod has been fixed on the vertical rod. It can be assembled without using other joint components, which can save the trouble of material loss and finishing.