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The name and merits of aluminum scaffolding

Jun 24, 2019

Aluminum scaffolding has a variety of names and names since its inception, but the main purpose is to use it for working at heights, which is equivalent to the role of ladders or lifts. At present, the names of aluminum scaffolds are variously called, and are now organized as follows, and introduce aluminum alloys. Advantages of scaffolding


Aluminum scaffolding name:


Aluminum scaffolding, quick scaffolding, aerial work scaffolding, furnace scaffolding, special scaffolding, maintenance scaffolding, single wide scaffolding, aluminum alloy shelf, aluminum ladder, inclined ladder scaffolding, straight ladder scaffolding, assembly scaffolding, folding scaffolding, safety Scaffolding, mobile scaffolding, mobile work platforms, mobile maintenance platforms, safety ladders.




1. Lightweight material: High-strength aluminum alloy casting, light weight, easy to handle and assemble.


2, convenient transportation: scaffolding consists of various components, disassembled into pieces during transportation, easy to transport.


3, the structure is sturdy: a number of components for one-time die-casting, some welders need to be welded precision, the structure is very strong.


4. Super quality: The tensile strength of the product is 3 times stronger than that produced by the traditional welding method. It has high strength after being tested by durability.


5, quick installation: the joints of the scaffold are designed as quick snap joints, the combination between the components is extremely fast, no special tools are needed to assist the assembly.


6. Safe and reliable: When the scaffolding is about 4 square meters on the working platform, the support leg has a floor space of about 10 square meters, and the stability is high. When working on the platform, the shaking is the smallest compared with other aerial work platforms. , the use of security is very high.


7. Random combination: When setting up the platform, you can set the working height of the scaffolding freely (in the case of sufficient components), such as 10 meters, 10.5 meters, 11 meters, and so on.


8. Load capacity: Compared with the lifting platform, the load capacity of the scaffold is greatly improved. The whole tower can carry about 900 kg, which can be used by many people at the same time.


9, construction conditions: Where the hard ground environment, even if the ground is not smooth, does not affect the use of scaffolding. The horizontal working requirements can be achieved by adjusting the construction method.


10. Corrosion resistance: It is made of high-density aluminum alloy material, which effectively prevents corrosion of oil materials and paint solvents.


11. Low maintenance cost: Under normal use, the maintenance cost of scaffolding is basically 0, and there is no follow-up cost.