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The installation of lighting frame of aluminum alloy stage

Apr 25, 2018

Aluminum alloy stage lights usually use aluminum alloy truss structures, profile light intensity is high, its cover an area of an area small, leapfrog structures, can adapt to the demand of inside and outside, will not damage the interior architecture and furniture.

Due to fast installation, any terrain design structures, aluminum stage, the mobile storage are very convenient, can be arbitrary decorative lighting, therefore, aluminium alloy of stage lighting lighting effects is the best choice.

Aluminum alloy stage light frame mainly consists of base, aluminum alloy truss, anti-head, inclined strut, square sleeve, cross arm, calabash (hand pull or electrodynamic).

Stage light frame base: mainly used to stabilize the whole frame.

Stage light frame counterhead: used for building height and high height through reverse head.

Stage lighting support: used to support the stability of the aluminum truss system.

Stage light frame: the height of the beam can be adjusted easily through the square sleeve.

Stage lighting rack: at the top of the truss, it is mainly hung with calabash.

Stage light frame calabash: it can be divided into two kinds: hand-pull and electric calabash, which can be used for lifting aluminum alloy truss.

Stage lighting strap: the link between the calabash and the aluminium alloy truss.

The process of aluminum stage setting is as follows:

1. Install the reverse head on the iron base;

2. Place the square in the reverse head;

3. Link all the beams to the square sleeve;

4. Assemble the column, gourd and crossarm;