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The flowers gate and the check desk of the wedding stage

Dec 01, 2017

The flowers gate is also a very important arrangement in the wedding stage. Usually, at the beginning of the wedding ceremony, the bride's father will hand over the bride's hand to the bridegroom  in front of the flowers gate, and the bridegroom will link the arm of the bride and walk from the flower gate to their own house wedding.
The flowers gate of the wedding stage carries the father's entrust. The new couple can build a unique flowers gate according to the wedding scene atmosphere and their own preferences. Whether it is the fresh flowers gate, the balloon flowers gate or the silk flowers gate, it all can become an important watching focus of the wedding.

The check-in desk is the place where shows the first impression of the wedding. So the layout of the check-in desk is very important. In addition to placing the necessary check-in attendance book and color pens on the check-in desk, some ornaments which can highlight the wedding theme such as couple dolls, carriage modeling art work, crystal items, new couple wedding photo and so on.