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The difference between aluminum triangular trusses and other forms of trusses

Jul 10, 2018

Aluminum truss refers to a truss made of aluminum products. It is an important component used to build stage, house, etc. Aluminum triangle trusses belong to one of them. In addition, there are different aluminum truss forms such as trapezoids and polygons. So what is the difference between an aluminum triangular truss and a trapezoidal truss?


The aluminum triangular truss is under the evenly distributed node, and the chord has the largest axial force at the end point, and then gradually decreases toward the span; the aluminum triangular truss is mostly used in the roof truss of the tile roof due to the reasonable material consumption during the production process. The trapezoidal truss members are relatively well-stressed and are used in trusses to meet the requirements of industrial plant construction.


The aluminum triangular truss form is the most commonly used because of the savings in material considerations and the consideration of the flow gradient of the roof. While the polygonal truss can reduce the bending moment generated by the inter-section load, the manufacturing process is complicated. It can be seen that the aluminum triangular truss has become a form of truss commonly used in engineering implementation.