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The characteristics and application of DJ Triangle Lighting Truss

Dec 29, 2017

Most of the aluminum alloy truss are made of aluminum alloy, then through cutting, machining, welding, polishing, painting, and a series of processing technology combination, DJ Triangle Lighting Truss, too not exception, it is widely used in lighting sound hang exhibition performances, concerts, cooperation and so on.
Under normal circumstances, the size of DJ Triangle Lighting Truss is determined according to the situation of the site, the size of the specification can be adjusted arbitrarily and conveniently.And because aluminum has extremely strong anti-pressure and anti-corrosion and durability, so the service life of the aluminum triangle truss is also very long.
Of course, it takes a little time and energy to build a triangle truss, so that the safety of the overall structure can be ensured.First to make good on the ground to adjust the leg four base in a horizontal plane, and on the outside of each base insert inclined support under the two parts, then use screws to fix the head on the base.
Then set a good party set in the head, connect the beam on the ground, the ends of the beams are respectively the two sets of good docking link, on either side of the beam section at this time was assembled on the ground, DJ Triangle Lighting Truss on connection;The other end is twisted on the opposite end, the other end is twisted on the shoulder, while the hanging gourd and the cross-arm link are good, the role of the gourd is to improve the beam truss below.
Then triangle truss can be turned up, after the hanging hoist the hook through the condole belt hook on the surface of the stay bar, above the beam installed lighting, audio and lighting equipment, then tighten the relevant position, triangle truss is installed.