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The Application of Truss

Apr 10, 2017

                                                 The Application of Truss

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Truss is consist of straight rods generally have a triangular element of the plane or space structure. 

Under the action of load, the truss bar is mainly subjected to axial tension or pressure, which can make full use of the strength of the material. When the span is large, it can save the material, reduce the weight and increase the stiffness, and it is suitable for large span Load-bearing structure and high-rise structure, such as roof trusses, bridges, transmission lines tower, satellite tower, hydraulic gate, crane frame. 

Commonly used steel trusses, reinforced concrete trusses, prestressed concrete trusses, wooden trusses, steel and wood composite trusses, steel and concrete composite trusses. There are triangular trusses, trapezoidal trusses, polygonal trusses, parallel string trusses, and fasting trusses. 

In the choice of truss form, should take into account the truss use, materials, support and construction conditions, to meet the requirements of the use of the premise, to create and install the materials used and the minimum amount of labor.

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