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The application object and prospect of straight square aluminum truss

Jun 15, 2018

Nowadays, many kinds of aluminum truss systems are welcomed by many users, and with the development of the market, the truss structure is becoming more and more diversified.Among them, square aluminum truss has a wide use surface, which can meet the requirements of different levels and objects through structural combination and specification design.

According to the analysis of the present situation, the proportion of straight aluminum truss is always on the rise.Especially in all kinds of exhibition, many users are using aluminum alloy welded truss support structure as the main lighting, and large area and combination, forming a unique personality of the booth.

At the same time, according to different users' aesthetics and preferences, and combined with the performance characteristics of the display products to select the straight square aluminum truss suitable for their own exhibits.Therefore, the future development trend of this product is uniformly optimistic.The product itself also has the advantages of light weight, flexible, safe and reliable, can be combined at will, easy to disassemble and install.

So far, the straight square aluminum truss has received quite a wide range of applications, such as it can be used as different exhibition venue, display platform, stage background and large span of the picture shows the carrier, has many characteristics, such as installation is convenient, quick, strong stability, meet the requirements of the enterprises to carry out large outdoor display.

It should be noted that in the actual construction process, the process is relatively complex, and the overall aesthetics of the booth and various details should be taken into account.Therefore, we need to design the configuration requirements of straight square aluminum truss in advance, as well as the size of each component, so as to facilitate the later splicing.

In general, the connection between the truss and the truss of the straight square aluminum truss system requires the help of screws.No screw connection is required between the truss and universal joint.In addition, in the process of construction, attention should be paid to the maintenance of the site environment, please do not break it, be careful to put it gently, and do not stress during the transportation of the rectangular aluminum truss system