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The Advantages of Upright Aluminum Scaffolds in Practical Applications

Apr 08, 2018

With the development of urban modernization, people's requirements for green safety construction and project quality have also increased. Upright aluminum scaffolding is a new generation of construction tools. With its advantages of convenience and high reuse rate, it has gradually occupied the construction market. In short, the upright aluminum scaffold has been widely acclaimed by the industry for its good economic benefits and practicality.


Next, we will simply analyze the main advantages of upright aluminum scaffolding in practical applications. First of all, there are significant features in the construction method, with obvious advancement and novelty in terms of duration, quality, safety and civilization, and economic and environmental protection, as follows:


1, easy to use, easy to disassemble. In contrast, the upright aluminum scaffold is high in strength, lightweight, and has good stiffness and stability. Its weight per square meter is only 21-25 kg. It is easy to construct and simple to assemble.


2, safe and civilized, reliable construction. The vertical aluminum scaffold has high bearing capacity of 30KN-40KN per square meter (test load up to 60KN); there is less construction waste on the site and the supporting system is simple. Moreover, the accessories can basically be reused. After the construction is dismantled, there is no garbage on the site. The support system has a simple structure and is easy to dismantle, so the entire construction environment is safe, clean and tidy.


3, economic and environmental protection. In contrast, an upright aluminum scaffold has reliable performance, long service life, high turnover times, and low cost per order. And it is a new type of green building materials, even if it is used for a long time, it will not be deformed. Its aluminum can be recycled 100%, recycling, will not cause pollution to the environment.


In short, the upright aluminum scaffold has good energy-saving and environmental benefits. And in practical applications, it provides great convenience for construction. The vertical aluminum scaffolding adopts a stereotyped design with precise dimensions, easy assembly and quick construction, and meets the environmental protection requirements for construction.