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The advantages of ringlock scaffolding system

Dec 12, 2019

Advantage one: complete functionality and wide application. The ringlock scaffolding adopts a uniform 500mm disc pitch. With its poles, crossbars, and inclined rods and tripods, it can be erected as axis supports with different spans and different sections, stage support,

Advantage two: good security. The ringlock scaffolding uses self-locking connecting ringlock  and pins. After the pins are inserted, they can be locked by their own weight. The horizontal and vertical inclined bars make each unit a fixed triangular lattice structure. It will not deform after being subjected to lateral and pre-stress, and the ringlock  scaffolding is a complete system. The scaffolding board and step ladder can achieve the role of ensuring the stability of the frame and the safety of workers.

Advantage three: large space. In the traditional axial support construction, the distance between most of the ringlock scaffolding is below 1.2 meters, and even reaches 0.6 meters and 0.9 meters. This has caused a defect of insufficient space at the construction site. Workers cannot enter after the completion of the installation. Accepted in the middle of the frame, even if you drop something, it is not easy to take it out.