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The advantages of circular lighting truss and the construction process

Feb 09, 2018

Circular lighting truss is a traditional truss developed from the product, its appearance is obvious, it is circular. In addition, the circular lighting truss also has a long service life, beautiful appearance, easy to install and easy to use, lightweight and convenient.


Circular lighting truss can be customized according to customer needs, the design of different models of products, but in any case require simple, stylish, beautiful, easy to install and easy to use, lightweight, style, versatility, reusable, mainly for all types of activities Background to build, each background is the use of different sizes of the truss stitching out.


Round truss truss construction and other truss is actually the same, first in the general location of the ground around the four pedestal, and in the outer side of each base into the oblique support under the part; then the counter-clockwise screw on the base And set a good square in the opposite head.


Subsequent to do is to link the beam, the same column truss lying connected, and then screw one end of the anti-head, the other end of the twist on the cross-arm; but also the hanging hoist and cross-linked well, gourd The role is to lift the truss below.