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The advantages of Aluminum Mobile Tower

May 17, 2017

Before,we analyzed the popular reasons of aluminum mobile tower from the design, weight, structure.

Now we analyzed the advantages of this tower for the following ranges:

1. Free work: anti-skid waterproof working platform, the height can be setted up optionally , with adjustable feet, tripod height can be adjusted, can be suitable for normal work in the rugged ground.

2. Good adaptability: can be used both indoors and outdoors, can be assembly on any working terrain and the ground.And the floor area is small, no damage to the ground; no noise, no work dead. Combination of diverse and beautiful appearance.

Aluminum Mobile Tower 1.jpg

3. Flexible combination: according to the user special maintenance or different terrain environment of the job needs, we can make the special design and manufacturing.

4. Corrosion-resistant, free-maintenance: all parts have been a special anti-oxidation treatment, no rust, chemical resistance, corrosion of products, long service life and no maintenance.

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