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Technical advantages of aluminum scaffolding and steel pipe scaffolding products

Sep 28, 2019

1. Product structure design

Traditional door-type scaffolding design has great problems, such as the use of movable latches for the connection between the shelves and the shelves, the use of cross braces for the shelves, and the opening of the doors, which result in poor stability of the portal scaffolding. The aluminum alloy scaffolding, especially the aluminum alloy scaffolding shelf produced by our company, is connected by straight-through connection. The straight-through is firmly welded on the shelf. The whole structure is fixed by four-sided and triangular, which makes the shelf very firm. Safety.

2, product materials

Aluminum scaffolding is made of high-strength special materials for aviation special aluminum profiles. This aluminum profile is usually used as a material for aircraft manufacturing in the aviation industry. It is characterized by high strength, hardness, bearing capacity and light weight. Steel pipe scaffolding is made of steel pipe, which is heavy, easy to rust and has a short life. Compared to the two specifications of the same material scaffolding, the weight of the aluminum scaffold is only 75% of the weight of the steel scaffold. The damage pull-off force of the aluminum alloy scaffold joint can reach 4100-4400Kg, which is much larger than the allowable pull-out force of 2100Kg.

3, installation speed

To build the same area of scaffolding, the steel scaffolding takes three days to complete, and the aluminum scaffolding can be completed in half a day. This is due to the design of the two scaffolds themselves. Each part and fastener of the steel pipe scaffold is scattered. The horizontal and vertical poles are connected by a universal buckle, a cross buckle and a word buckle. This connection needs to be installed one by one using the screws on the wrench. The aluminum scaffolding is made into a piece of frame, mounted like stacked wood, layer by layer, and the slanting bar is connected with a quick mounting head, which can be installed and removed without any tools. The speed and convenience of installation is the biggest contrast between the two scaffoldings.

4, the service life

The material of the steel pipe scaffold is made of iron, the construction is generally outside, the sun and rain are inevitable, and the rust of the special scaffolding is inevitable. Rusty scaffolding has a very short life cycle. If the steel pipe scaffolding in the form of a lease is rusted, it will not be used. The aluminum alloy scaffolding material is aluminum alloy, the sun and rain material will not change, the performance of the product will not change, as long as the product is not damaged or deformed, it can be used, so the service life of aluminum scaffolding is very long, many buildings are currently Or the property company has used aluminum scaffolding for more than 20 years, and the product is still intact.https://www.aluscaffold.com/