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Superior performance description of the aluminum wedding stage

Nov 16, 2018

The aluminum wedding stage is a very popular stage of activity and has received much attention in the market. The stage adopts disassembled design, which is beautiful in appearance, convenient in construction, adjustable in height and strong in stability. Added effects to the show. It is easy to install and disassemble on site, improve the efficiency of installation work, and the stage performance is safe and durable.


Moreover, the height of the aluminum wedding stage can be adjusted according to actual needs, and can be arbitrarily spliced in any unit, suitable for different terrain environments. The frame of the stage top is welded with high-quality aluminum alloy, and the structure is beautiful and elegant. The t-shaped groove is designed around the frame to facilitate the user to decorate the stage. The stage countertop is equipped with advanced non-slip material, which is both beautiful and safe, and the height and specifications of the adjustment foot can be freely selected according to the needs of the user.


In the composition of the aluminum wedding stage structure, the thickness of the plate part is moderate, and the skid plate is provided, the quality is good, the effect is better, and the stage stair steps are provided, and any activity can be placed anywhere on the stage to facilitate the performer during the performance. Going up and down.