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Structural requirements and flexural strength of aluminum triangular trusses

Oct 18, 2017


The axial force of the upper and lower chords is the largest at the end point, and the axial force of the abutment bar is opposite to that of the aluminum triangular truss under the node load distributed evenly. Triangular truss due to chord internal force difference is large, the material consumption is not reasonable enough, mostly used in tile roof roof.

Aluminum triangular truss of the rod force evenly one-way pull, pressure-based, can be used in the effective use of the upper and lower chord and the rational arrangement of the rod, in the use of the structure can be adapted to the internal bending moment and shear distribution , In the use of the horizontal direction of the pull and the internal force to achieve their own balance.

The overall structure of the aluminum triangular truss is not to produce its horizontal thrust on the bearing. The whole structure of the product is very flexible and the application range is relatively wide. Compared with the truss beam and the real beam, in the case of bending, The cross section of the pressure is arranged in the upper and lower ends, increasing the internal force arm, so that the same material consumption, to achieve greater bending strength.

Aluminum Spigot Truss 5.jpg

Aluminum triangular truss in the shear, through the rational arrangement of the abdomen, the shear force can be gradually passed to the bearing. So that both the bending or shearing, truss structure can make the material strength to give full play, so applicable to a variety of span of the roof structure.

Aluminum triangular truss force is characterized by internal force of the structure only axial force, and no bending moment and shear force. This force characteristic reflects the main factor of the actual structure. The main force of the truss is the main force of the truss. In the actual structure, due to the non-ideal knotting of the knot and so on, there are also slight bending moment and shear force. Force also has a small impact.

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