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Structural characteristics of combined aluminum scaffolding

Aug 10, 2018

The combined aluminum scaffolding is reliable, flexible, and quick to assemble, and has become an ideal choice for the cleaning and maintenance industry. At the same time, the combined aluminum scaffolding is also suitable for high-altitude operations such as stage production, property management, hotel cleaning and maintenance, power plants, refining chemicals and aircraft maintenance.


The combined aluminum scaffolding satisfies the user's requirements very well. Its light weight, cleanliness, safety and easy assembly make it widely used. The product's flexibility is outstanding, especially suitable for use in confined spaces, such as motor houses, offices and small workshops, where storage takes up less space. Moreover, the configured stairs are extremely light and easy to install and store.


In addition, in the combined aluminum scaffolding, the components have also undergone strict quality inspection. For example, the pedals are made of aluminum alloy, which does not cause cracking, distortion and mildew. Moreover, the crossbar and the diagonal tie rod are distinguished by different colors in different colors, and are more convenient to use.