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Standard Specification for Aluminum Ladders

Jan 19, 2017

The aluminum alloy ladder is firm and is made of GB6892-86 high strength material with light weight and high strength, but we also need to pay attention to the most reasonable use of aluminum alloy ladder when using aluminum alloy ladder. , When used to ensure a more secure, more reasonable and more convenient that the following to tell you about the use of aluminum ladder Note.

1. Upper and lower aluminum ladder should face the word ladder

2. Up and down aluminum ladder to do when the three-point contact.

3. Upper and lower aluminum ladder can only cross a stall at a time.

4. Upper and lower aluminum alloy ladder when the hands shall not take any other things (including tools, materials, etc.).

5. Upper and lower aluminum ladder to keep the body when the center of the ladder to maintain the middle position.

6. Use of aluminum alloy ladder shall not exceed the third ladder of the last words of the word ladder parts.

7. Use of aluminum alloy ladder must be sure to always hold someone ladder.

8. personnel to two meters high must be linked to wear seat belts.

9. All tools and materials required for working on a ladder shall be completed by means of a third party other than the ladder support personnel (or by the use of ropes), which prohibits throwing and throwing tool material up and down.

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