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Standard for Portable Outdoor Stage Trusses

Mar 15, 2019

In order to ensure the safe use of the stage, in the construction of Portable Outdoor Stage Trusses, strict selection of technical and qualified professional teams should be carried out in accordance with industry norms. Construction should be carried out in strict accordance with the prescribed procedures and technical standards.


First, first set up four bases in the appropriate position on the ground, adjust the lower legs to make them in a horizontal plane; insert the bottom part of the diagonal support on the outer side of the base on the four corners, insert 2 pieces at each corner, A total of 8 pieces; the head is screwed to the base, and the square cover is placed on the counter head.


Then connect all the beams and columns first on the ground; connect the two ends of the beam to the two square sleeves on both sides; then screw one end of the column truss on the counter head and the other end to the cross. At the same time, link the hanging hoist and the crossbar; multiple people will stand up the column truss slowly, be careful not to push the column too hard, and then fix the screw on the head.


After the column is set up, hook the hook below the hanging gourd through the sling to the lower beam; 4 people slowly sway the hanging hoist to pull the beam to the left and right position of the person's head; install the lighting and sound equipment on the beam 4 people sway the hoist together to stop at the predetermined height; after all the beams are connected, check whether the screws are tightened to prevent the slider.