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Stage lighting truss on the stage effect played a role

Feb 08, 2018

When we build stage, we need to use a lot of components and equipment, stage lighting truss is one of them, it can make the whole stage to play a better effect, while the stage of the construction work efficiency is greatly improved.


Stage lighting truss first to facilitate the combination, the device is simple, the best light, the sensitivity allows the device staff can facilitate the use of; after the establishment of the role to meet the intention of the relevant units, the appearance of new, beautiful can be applied to a variety of stage and booth Appearance requirements, the use of truss to establish the stage more to be able to cooperate, the stage of the use of various types of lamps, so that the stage to show a beautiful, exciting role.


Stage lighting truss lighting effects, make the stage more gorgeous, more with the spotlight with the lens placed in front of the lens will focus on the projection of light to the stage, adjust the light source to the lens position, you can adjust the size of the projection of the aperture, projection Low aperture when the aperture is large, high brightness when the aperture is projected.


After installing the floodlights on the stage lighting truss, the reflector is used to produce a uniform lamp. The direct irradiation distance makes the loss of the floodlight brightness of the stage lighting truss greater, so long as the irradiation distance is controlled properly, A better effect.