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Some suggestions for the market for aluminum scaffolding should be standardized

Oct 29, 2019

With the increasing use of aluminum scaffolding, the state has not produced formal specifications for aluminum scaffolding, and inferior products have appeared in the market, causing serious losses to safe construction. In order to reduce construction accidents and reduce the losses of construction units, the company proposes the following:


The first point: China is also facing problems in the development of professional aluminum scaffolding companies, such as system, management, and market. With the restructuring of construction companies, it is believed that there will be various types of aluminum scaffolding professional companies in the near future. The specialization of mobile aluminum scaffolding engineering will be the future development trend. The state should encourage safety standards, good quality aluminum scaffolding companies to carry out reasonable production, production and processing according to certain standards and methods, and improve the level of aluminum scaffolding in China. The development of professional aluminum scaffolding company is conducive to the promotion of application products, improve construction speed and construction quality and safety performance; it is conducive to the full use of construction equipment, improve the use of aluminum alloy scaffolding; it is conducive to improve the construction technology level and cultivate a skilled construction team; It is conducive to improving the construction environment of operators and ensuring the safety of scaffolding construction.


   The second point: The company recommended that manufacturers of aluminum alloy scaffolding products with poor quality, low technical level and no production conditions should promptly expose and warn, and if necessary, order the production to be rectified. For the aluminum alloy scaffolding production process, the product quality is good, the technical strength of the manufacturers, the product certification or quality certification. Different treatments are carried out for different business situations, so that there are rewards and penalties to ensure the smooth progress of the work.


   The third point: strengthen the management of the leased aluminum scaffolding enterprises, strictly supervise the leasing enterprises must buy aluminum scaffolding from the manufacturers with "product certification", and must not buy scrap aluminum and fasteners from the construction enterprises and the waste products market, organize relevant Personnel regularly conduct quality inspections on key leasing enterprises, and those who fail to be qualified shall be scrapped in time. It is recommended to actively carry out the leasing business of new scaffolding-aluminum scaffolding, assist construction companies to promote the application of new scaffolding, and improve the technical level and safety of mobile scaffolding.