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Single width aluminum scafffolding product details description

Jul 28, 2018

The single wide hanging scaffold is a product specially designed to meet the strict requirements of users. The product is light, safe and easy to assemble. It has been widely used in industrial, construction, stage production, property management, hotel cleaning and maintenance. Power plants, oil refining industry and aircraft maintenance and other industries.


Structural features of single wide hanging scaffolding:

The structure design is novel: its three-way and aluminum frame connecting rods are machined by profile machine, which is more reliable than traditional crafts;

The design of the self-locking buckle is special: the cross bar and the diagonal bar are designed with a snap-on design, and can be easily disassembled without tools;

Adjustable casters, easy to use: move the casters with brakes and protect the ground. The adjustment lever allows the tower to be used in different construction environments.


Advantages of single wide hanging scaffolding:

1. The product has a wide application range and can adapt to different working environments;

2. The working platform can bear a large weight and meet the operation requirements;

3. Specially designed and produced different accessories according to customer requirements, in line with the actual needs of users.