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Share scaffolding removal considerations

Jul 24, 2019

1. Before the scaffolding is removed, the person in charge of the unit shall convene the relevant personnel to conduct a comprehensive inspection and visa confirmation of the shelf project. When the construction of the building is completed and the construction is not required, the scaffolding can be removed.

2. Scaffolding should be set up to remove the scaffolding, and the warning signs should be set up to prohibit the non-operating personnel from passing and the ground construction personnel, and there is a special person responsible for the warning.

3. The removal of long poles and diagonal poles should be carried out by two people. It is not suitable for separate work. It should be checked whether it is firm when it is off work. Changshu scaffolding requirements should be temporarily fixed when necessary to prevent accidents.

4. Scaffolding should be removed before removing the outer frame. The residual materials on the passageway should be removed, and then installed first and then removed, and then installed first.

5. Scaffolding detachment sequence is: safety net → kicking rod → protective railing → scissors support → scaffolding → joist pole → connecting wall rod → large crossbar → small crossbar → pole, removed from top to bottom, Step by step, it is not allowed to use step-by-step demolition, and it is not allowed to work at the same time.

6. In case of strong wind, rain, snow and other climates, the scaffolding requirements cannot be removed.

7. Scaffolding and disassembly of steel pipes and fasteners should be stacked and stacked. It is strictly forbidden to throw at high altitude.

8. When the steel pipe and fasteners that are hoisted are transported to the ground, they should be piled up in time according to the specifications.https://www.aluscaffold.com/